Land Clearing



We have 30+ years experience in land clearing for residential home sites, farms, ranches and timberland. We restore the land to its natural grade and often re contour.

Some of the reasons for land clearing for residential properties would be more space around the home for sunlight, defensible space for fire prevention, danger trees from wind, garden areas or outbuildings.

Farms and ranches may need areas for pastures, orchards, vineyards or riding arenas and timberlands often need brush and slash removed before reforestation or scarifying areas that are infected with root rot.

We can selectively clear underbrush or unwanted species to create a park like setting giving the other trees more nutrients and sunlight, reducing fuels and fire hazard.

After removing stumps, brush and slash the different ways to dispose of all debris are burning, chipping or hauling off site, sometimes leaving to create hahitat. Burning is the most commonly done and the least expensive and when done professionally, cleanly and with properly constructed piles can produce minimum smoke and reduce piles the size of houses to a pile of clean ash within a few days ready to plow or rototill.  No smoky smoldering piles for weeks on end and piles of blackened stumps left behind that are commonly seen or covered with blackberries. Notice some of the pictures of fires we have posted and see how clean they are burning.

Of course we always follow Dept of Environmental Quality, Oregon/Washington Dept of Forestry, Local Fire Dept regulations and have a fire truck on standby when needed.